Abby is our beautiful apricot saddle pattern girl. Super sweet girl

Rock. Black and Tan

Rock is our gorgeous Black and Tan Pointed Sharpei


Grace is our beautiful blue brindle

Tetris. Brindle

Tetris is our beautiful brindle boy

Ling Ling

Beautiful Ling is a sable

Happy (Blue)

Happy is a beautiful blue horsecoat

Gizmo Chocolate

Gizmo is a stunning boy, he is a chocolate

Bentley Blue & Tan Pointed

Bentley is our beautiful Blue & Tan Pointed Sire. We couldn't be more proud to add this boy to our program.


Snickers is my Chocolate Flower, he has the traditional bone nose but throws the most gorgeous meat mouth babies.


Skittles is my Blue and White Flower, she is a gem.


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