Our brand new Shar-pei puppy Chloe is the most adorable puppy on the planet. Vicky was wonderful to deal with and was very honest in everything that was going on and when we got out hands on our baby..... the transition wasa extremely smooth. We couldn't be happier. We would recommend Vicky to anyone.

Summer, NJ May 8, 2006


I have had my new baby boy Mr. Chin's Blue Sky for almost a week. I am so in love with him, I think he as forgot how to walk because I hold and carry Sky like a big baby. I'm so happy I picked this beautiful boy. Everyone that see's Skye just goes crazy over him, even those people that don't like Shar-peis. I have had many Pei's over the years, and only some have this kind of personality that steals your heart and believe this ONE does. You can watch for many updates on my website He is so much more than I thought he would be.

Jay and Taz Barbie

I went on a search for a white Bull-Terrier Puppy with a black ring around the eye for my son. I talked with breeders from several states, did not like any of them. Vicky was the first person I talked with that I liked or felt I could trust. She was down to earth and I like her attitude on raising puppies. We talked for a very long time and Vicky took the time to answer all my question. She was totally up fron about everything that I dealt with her on concerning the puppy. My son, Great Dane and I drove to Oklahoma on the 4th of July and picked up the cutest most impressive puppy.


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