Super excited when Purina used one of the photos of a couple of the girls from my previous litter.

Martin Cooke & Jamie

This is Martin Cooke just touching base with you abut Jamie. She is an absolute doll who is still very active and bringing life back to our older dog who is almost 7. We cannot thank you enough for her. She still thinks that anything left on the floor is her toy, even our son's matchboxes. She is fitting in wonderfully and loves our kids.

Cat, Chuck, and Sebastian Noland

Cat and Chuck take such good care of me, love my new family.

Marilyn Cherry

This is Caper Cherry, she is such a good girl, she is doing wonderful. Here are her Halloween pictures.

Kelley Sullins

Thank you so much, our baby is doing wonderful, we are just so happy with her, her name is Pippy.

Nicola Page

Hello Vicky, just wanted to give you a little update on Elijah and send you a new pic. We are so thrilled with him! He's an amazing little pup; very well-mannered, sweet, and such a fast learner! We re-dubbed him Bear, and it fits his personbality just right. He's getting so big, already almost as tall as his best friend (a 6 month old pitbull). He gets along well with the cats, has made lots of friends at the dog park and we have yet to meet someone who doesn't like him.


Hey Everyone, We just got our new dog, Chico. He is a Bull Terrier and he loves the kids. He thinks he's tough and he barks a little (under his breath) at the neighborhood dogs if he hears them barking. Just got back from the vet with a clean bill of health. Got him enrolled in the kindergarten puppy class, my daughter got into his treats and I think he got way too many last night but he wasn't complaining! He is just toooo cut and super good with our girls! We adore him! Carrie, August 2009

Kelly & Buster

I had been wanting to get a boxer puppy for several months and so I started searching for them on the internet until I found the puppyfind website. I looked over quite a few puppies that I had chosen and then I made the final decision to contact Vicky Wheeler about her boxer (Sam). I just knew that he was the one I wanted, so Vicky and I set up the meeting for me to get Sam. I was so excited to finally see (Sam) in person, it was a great first meeting between us.

Carlos & Bonnie

Vicky just had to tell you how happy we are with Teddy-Bear he is getting so big now and is just a wonderful playmate to our family. WE LOVE HIM!!!! Carlos & Bonnie Martinez

Michael & Aja

Vicky just wanted to drop a line a tell you we are so very happy with our little Bruiser, he is just a maniac when it comes to playing, we absolutely adore him. Thanks for such a wonderful boy. Michael & Aja


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