Brittany Hess

Ignore how awful this pic is of me) but this was the very second that bentley arrived at the airport and latched right on to me this was one of the best feelings in the world, something SO little, and in so little time loved me so very much. I remember it like it was yesterday..he snuggled right into my neck and just huffed and puffed for a place in my heart FOREVER. I remember how nervous I was because I just had given this (stranger to me) money for something I wasn't sure was going to show up. But Vicky Wheeler gave me the most unconditional loving little boy and become family to us.


I bought the best puppy she had!!!!
I wanted to thank her for being so accommodating to me and meeting me half way. She has been wonderful to work with and I will recommend her to everyone I know!!!! Thank you thank you thank you. I can't wait til tomorrow

Reviewer: Katheryn, January 3, 2014


Best breeder Ever!
Vicky is the best breeder I have had the pleasure of dealing with. Nellie is an outstanding shar pei puppy, very healthy, shots up to date, and shipping was very reasonable. She was taken care of in excellent conditions. We are so impressed we are getting another one so Nellie has company. She is also great with young children. Thanks Vicky

Reviewer: Michele, June 15, 2014

Mark Kathy & Ellie Fischer

Just a quick update on Emily. .Well we decided that Emily was hard to say and remembered her Mother's name was Ellie. She has in 2 and a half weeks gained 6 lbs. and was a half inch shorter than our Wire Fox, Max. She is now 1 inch taller. All three dogs are finally getting used to each other, Wire Fox, Schnoodle and Aire. Our local Vet says she is one of the healthiest Airedales he has ever seen. She has also been doing very well on house breaking with only slight number one accidents. She knows how to sit and shake and lay down all with hand signals. She learns very quickly.

Elizabeth Oh

We have had Oliver (formerly BamBam) for almost 3 weeks now and he has been nothing but amazing. He is a gorgeous Shar-pei with a disposition to match. I am constantly being stopped when taking him for walks by people who want to compliment him and our vet had to parade him around the office to show him He is also the best behaved puppy I have ever met. He has absolutely no bad habits, he is so gentle with my young children, he has the best personality!

Lenny & Tracy

I HAVE to say! This girl, Beary Blue, is SO VERY AWESOME! You know..... when I am siting on the couch and she wants my attention, she takes her paw and she actually kind of tugs me towards her and then I get the big "lap-lap" upside the head. She is a typical sharpei.... won't potty in the house and is EXTREMELY dog social with our other dogs. She has the BEST COAT in the world and is an absolute joy every day to us! Hats off to you as a GREAT breeder of good health and temperment! As a past sharpei breeder, I don't give out compliments to easily. I feel they need to be deserved.


Mojo did wonderful last night. He slept most of the nite, didn't cry much at all. He likes to be held and he is fiesty, already chewing on my shoes and biting. My laundry room is right off my kitchen 3 steps to get down and has concrete floor so thats where I have put newspapers down fo rhim to hopefully use the bathroom., it has worked a few times! LOL.... Anyway he has no problem going up and down the steps....he goes all over the house. He's precious and we just love him.

The Rosanbalms

Jasper is loving his new puppy! Nothing cuter than a boy and his dog! I'm glad he's got such a lively personality. Nothing is slowing either of them down! :) I've sure got my work cut out for me now. Thank you again for our new addition!

The Rosanbalms

Lisa Woodyard

Hi Vicky & Karen,

Jeff Robinson

I have always loved the Bull Terrier breed, and always said I was going to own one someday. In June 2011 I finally did the research to find a reputable breeder and I was a little discouraged. All of the results I found were of breeders over a thousand miles away and the least expensive full-pedigree Bull Terrier puppies were between 1300.00 to 1500.00, more than I was expecting.

Thankfully, after a little more research on the web, I saw Lucy on


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