Delores Norman & Sarge

Thanks so much for Sarge, now Zander. He is a great little guy, he gets compliments and kisses from EVERYONE at the vet's office! Super friendly. He does not have a single bad bone in his body. He is really gentle and mindful, not mouth when he plays. He's also super playful and keeps my super pug busy 24/7! His nickname is Houdini because he learned how to pen swing latches o certain crates. He was super easy to train. We are super happy with him and you. Thanks so much. Delores Norman. September 2017

Erin, Jay & Hank

We couldn't be more thrilled with our new puppy. He is just a joy to have. Thanks Oakhill Kennel for such a wonderful little bundle of joy.

Erin & Jay Mullanax & Hank

Our Airedale Service Dog

Super proud to help out our military service men. Our Airedale puppy has become a veterans service dog.

Connie Mangiaracina

Vicky I just thought you would like to know we love Kateland, now her name is Ivory. I have yet to clean up any potty messes and I have only heard her bark one time. It was a yip yip to let me know she had to go outside to potty. She is a beautiful dog. We are already in love. Thank you so much.

Gena Middleton

We are so happy with Pong! We renamed him Ralphie. Anyway, he is the
EASIEST puppy we have ever had! He arrived housebroken! He tells us when
he wants to poop/pee and when you give him a firm "NO", he just seems to
say "oh, OK!"

He is our third SharPei. He is just the best, thanks so much!

Terry Tortomasi

Hi Vicky
I thought you would like to see how well Royal has adjusted to my male boxer, Decatur. They are inseparable. He is very protective of her.

Amanda Sebree

A boy and his dog

Vicky was rehoming one of her English Bulldogs, this has been a dream of mine. I was able to adopt this precious girl and Vicky has stayed in contact with me for questions on this girl. We couldn't be more happier with Sugar and my son absolutely adores her.

Cathy & David Rosen

-Hi Everyone! Here is the first official picture of my new peiby Corazo'n aka Cora Rosen. She is beautiful. She was adopted from Vicky Wheeler at the Oakhill Kennel. I am so grateful to Vicky for working with me to find the right peiby after the death of my beloved Mitsu 4 weeks ago. She owns a wonderful Kennel with a wonderful partner who together were sensitive to what my husband and I were working thru the last month. I am also grateful to Clare Rees who lovingly encouraged me to "keep the faith"!

Danielle Plotkin

I waited so long for my new baby. We had so many obstacles and Vicky was amazing with us. She worked with us until we finally found the right match for us. We are so in love with our boy. Thanks Vicky

Brittany Hess

Ignore how awful this pic is of me) but this was the very second that bentley arrived at the airport and latched right on to me this was one of the best feelings in the world, something SO little, and in so little time loved me so very much. I remember it like it was yesterday..he snuggled right into my neck and just huffed and puffed for a place in my heart FOREVER. I remember how nervous I was because I just had given this (stranger to me) money for something I wasn't sure was going to show up. But Vicky Wheeler gave me the most unconditional loving little boy and become family to us.


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